Peer Review Process

The manuscript processing:

Manuscript may be approved to publication as one of next

A- Acceptance

B- Acceptance after amendments

C- Reject

1- Manuscript is submitted to the editor-in-chief of the journal through private account of researcher.

2- The Manuscript is first presented to the journal’s editorial board to take an opinion regarding (accept or reject) then submitting them to the panel of arbitrators according to the manuscript subject or major, within a maximum period of two days from the date of submitting the research.

3- The Manuscript is first presented to the scientific citation program before sending it to the arbitrators.

4- The editor-in-chief of the journal determines arbitrators among the arbitrators registered in the arbitration board from the journal's list. Within a week from the date of submitting the manuscript.

5-  All manuscripts submitted for publication in the journal is subject to arbitrator international arbitration and is not published until it has been approved by 2 arbitrators, if the manuscript was rejected from one of the arbitrators it will be send to a third arbitrator after paying an extra fees and if the third arbitrator rejected the manuscript,  the researcher has no right to recover any fees paid within two weeks from the date of submitting the research

6- The researcher will be given 2 weeks to modify the manuscript if it was accepted after amendments.

7- The manuscript will be published in the journal according to the rule of first-come-first-served after judging, amendments and format it following the journal publication conditions.

8- The manuscript submitted by a professor is not judged and it will be published in the journal after fulfilling the formal conditions for publication, while the manuscript submitted with cooperation between a professor, assistant or/and lecturer will be judged and the professor will be considered as one of the arbitrators.